Kayila Camp


Intimate and elegant, Kayila Camp consists of four luxury suites, carefully constructed to ensure considered integration with the alluring African scenery. Designed for indulgence and comfort alike, bedroom becomes lounge in a seamless flow of open spaces, spilling onto a private, elevated viewing deck, offering uninterrupted views of the rustic landscape.

Luxury WildLife Destination

Each luxury suite is built using sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly materials. The floors and walls are made of mortar, the roof is thatched – an authentically African design that cools the interior space while radiating rustic elegance.
Our suites all feature two queen-sized beds and a spacious and comfortable lounge area from which the bush scenery can be enjoyed. A mosquito net hangs from each bed, protecting sleeping inhabitants from mosquitos and other insects. Each bathroom hosts a Victorian bath and a view of the Zambezi River, an opportunity to indulge and relax between exhilarating game drives and bush walks. Every room is equipped with 24-hour battery power and plenty of hot and cold filtered water.


December, January, February and March – The rainy season
April and May – Most of the rain has been absorbed into the atmosphere, leaving behind a luscious green landscape. This time of year brings clear skies and mild temperatures.
June, July and August – While evenings are much cooler, the days are clear and warm. Warm clothing is essential for early morning game drives and evening wildlife expeditions.
September and October – Emerging from a cool winter, spring temperatures will inevitably start to rise. October is renowned for its heat. However, game viewing at this time of year is spectacular, with animals congregating around the river as water sources become scarce.
November weather is variable. The dry heat of October can linger late into the month. However, November often bears witness to the first of the summer rains, with rolling thunderstorms rocking the landscape in spectacular fashion.


While malaria is not prevalent in the Lower Zambezi Conservation Area, Zambia is considered a malaria area. We recommend that guests take the necessary precautions and consult their doctor regarding preventative medication before their arrival in Zambia.

Luxury Wild Life Destination

Kayila Camp, is all about the beauty of nature and wildlife.