Activities At Kayila Camp

Activities at Kayila Camp are carefully constructed to maximise your African experience. Each excursion is led by one of our experienced guides. Their knowledge of the landscape is unparalleled and their passion for the Zambezi and its inhabitants is infectious.

Game Drives & Night Drives

Exploring the African wilderness is an exhilarating way to experience the animal kingdom. The guides at Kayila are connoisseurs of the Zambezi, proficient in navigating the bush landscape in search of formidable big cats, elegant elephant herds, graceful giraffes and timid antelope. All excursions are conducted in our custom game vehicles, specially designed for comfort and safety.
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Boating & Fishing

The dramatic landscape of the Zambezi River, carving a determined path through the soggy floodplains and fertile valley, is an excellent vantage point from which to observe the incredible inhabitants that make this oasis their home.
Kayila Camp offers guests magical cruises down the Zambezi, an utterly unique game viewing experience. The morning sun, casting a steamy haze over the water, illuminates a plethora of birdlife that nest along the banks on a daybreak cruise, while the crimson atmosphere of an African sunset casts shadows over elephant herds on an evening meander. Navigated by our professional guides, a river cruise at Kayila is nothing short of life changing.
The Zambezi River is lauded as a prized fishing destination. Kayila offers anglers the coveted opportunity to spend their safari adventure on the water, casting the channels for the revered tiger fish. All fishing trips are conducted by our expert guides, all equipped with an enviable knowledge of prime fishing spots along the length of the Zambezi.
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Walking Safaris

Exploring the Zambezi wilderness on foot is an exhilarating adventure. The scenery surrounding Kayila Camp is a safari of the senses, truly illuminated upon closer inspection. A selection of picturesque bush walks are available to our guests. Our walking expeditions depart from camp, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the flourishing flora and fauna of the Zambezi. From river to ridge, our walking safaris meander along the water’s edge towards the formidable Zambezi escarpment, offering breath-taking views of the lush Zambian landscape and beyond.
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Bird watching

The Lower Zambezi Conservation Area is a birders paradise. The area is home to over 500 species of birds. They can be found nesting in the riverine landscape near the water’s edge; located in the branches of the majestic baobab tree; or swaying with windy momentum from an Ilala palm. There are multiple opportunities to indulge your enthusiasm for feathered friends with the help of our knowledgeable guides.
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Kayila are proud to partner with Anabezi and Amanzi Camps to provide the “Zambezi Experience”. Here guests can enjoy two to three action packed days at Kayila and then do the 70 kilometre cruise down the Zambezi river, stopping to see the birds and animals that inhabit the length of the river. Stopping on an island for a picnic lunch approximately 10 kilometres upstream from the Anabezi Camp. Guests will then have the option of canoeing to Anabezi or continuing by boat.

Enjoy African Wilderness